Blood Donation

I donate blood to the United Blood Services every time they have a blood drive at our school. I enjoy doing it because I feel that I am doing something good for the community and am helping out.


Renown Volunteering (Monaco Ridge)

Monaco Ridge is an assisted living site at Renown's South Meadows. The residents there are unable to live on their own and some even exceed the age of 100. At Monaco Ridge I interact with the residents through fun activities that help keep their mental capabilities up. I also aid in serving them lunch by…

Renown Volunteering (GSU)

I began volunteering in February at the Renown South Meadows facility┬ábut was unable to count any of it until we came back from our trip in Europe. I began volunteering over the summer soon after we returned from Europe. I began volunteering on the GSU floor, or where patients go after surgery to help the…