Monaco Ridge is an assisted living site at Renown’s South Meadows. The residents there are unable to live on their own and some even exceed the age of 100. At Monaco Ridge I interact with the residents through fun activities that help keep their mental capabilities up. I also aid in serving them lunch by bringing coffee or desert. I also help them around their rooms by grabbing certain items that they ask for, turning off lights and helping them just basically get around or perform basic functions.

I love working at Monaco Ridge because it allows me to inquire about the history of the residents who have had such rich lives. For example, some lived through the Great Depression and fought in WWII. This has also taught me the importance of communication with others especially at the end of life. Sometimes it has been very sad to see the people who no longer have people that care about their stories and are just bursting to tell someone. I believe this has made me more caring, especially towards the older generation.

The CAS learning outcomes exhibited in this activity were recognizing the and considering the ethics of my choices such as having to decide between assisting the resident in something that will make them happy or the wishes of the family. For example, a woman desired desert, but due to the wishes of the family I had to decide whether I should give her a desert to make her happy. It has also taught me many new skills such as taking care of patients and people in need, interacting with the families, serving the residents and interacting with medical professionals.

Monaco Ridge

Evidence of Volunteering



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