I began volunteering in February at the Renown South Meadows facility but was unable to count any of it until we came back from our trip in Europe. I began volunteering over the summer soon after we returned from Europe. I began volunteering on the GSU floor, or where patients go after surgery to help the nurses there. During the time that I volunteer I mainly just answer phones for the nurses which is helpful for them because it allows them to be more attentive to the needs of their patients. I have also helped restock the kitchen, aid with patient needs and usually, build or take apart the charts when new patients are admitted or are discharged.

I believe that this service emphasizes the key profile characteristics of inquirer, principled, reflective, caring, and communicator. I often ask questions to advance my knowledge of the hospital and patient care which makes me an inquirer and reflective because I reflect on what I can do to make patient’s hospital experience more pleasurable. I am principled because of my sensitivity to patient privacy and confidentiality because it is not uncommon for me to see a name that I know and what to talk to someone about it, which would violate patient confidentiality laws. It is my goal to make everyone who interacts with me at the hospital to come away pleased and well attended to which makes me caring. Finally, I often have to communicate with many different medical professionals and also concerned family and friends making my communication skills tantamount.

I feel that I have had to recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions through this experience because I was unable to talk about who I had seen and what they were in the hospital for. When I saw a colleague of my mother’s I had to restrain myself from telling her despite being pretty sure that she knew they were there. It is times like these that I must contemplate my values and the consequences of what my actions may do.

CAS Experience Log:


Evidence of Volunteering


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