When I volunteer at the admission desk I interact with more people than at the GSU because I am responsible for checking people into the lab for the tests. It is my job to explain paperwork answer any questions that they may have and direct them to where they need to go. Admitting is always an interesting location because of the interactions that I have with people and the way they think. For me, the most amusing part is when people complain about the ineptitude of doctors while I just smile and nod and think about how different it is when you actually look at it from a doctor’s perspective which I get at home from my mom and dad.

Working at the admitting desk has certainly improved my social interaction and communicating skills. It also made me more caring as I look at all the people who come in with their health problems and are absolutely miserable and I think to myself that I must make everyone feel welcome and cared for because these people never wanted to be here in the first place so if they are upset I can’t get irritated or be mean. I feel like I am more balanced after seeing so many people that have been knocked off balance and who have had to cope with their diagnoses so I can appreciate more and be disappointed in less. Finally, all this has lead to a very reflective experience.

This counts as a service that demonstrates the skills and recognizes the benefits of working collaboratively at I work with my partner at the desk to complete all the tasks that need to be completed for the lab to run smoothly.

CAS Experience Log:


Evidence of Volunteering


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