Over the summer my family and I traveled to Europe for the first time ever and it was amazing. While we were there my eyes were opened to a completely different culture from what I know. Over the course of the vacation, I traveled to Oslo and Bergen in Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. While there we walked for miles every day, went mountain biking, a few times and hiked in the surrounding mountains. This vacation was most certainly an activity CAS experience.

In every place we went, we met new, interesting people that gave us new insight into the world around us. I was most fascinated by the way their lives differed from ours or the way they viewed global events from their unique position in the world to others. For example, while in Bergen we met two men, one of whom was a history teacher, and we ended up talking with them for hours about their opinions on music, politics, and history. These gentlemen knew quite a lot about America and culture, which left me feeling slightly inadequate as I knew nothing about Norwegian history or culture but also amazed on how they as outsiders viewed the then imminent 2016 presidential election.

This was just one instance where I talked to new people and saw the world in a new perspective. This vacation emphasized several different attributes of the Learner Profile including, inquirers, open-minded, reflective, and communicators because I was constantly asking for more information on food, customs, opinions and daily life, which ties into a communicator. It also made me more open-minded as I saw the way that another country does something and the consequences as well as the benefits of those actions. I was also reflective as I looked at my own customs and opinions through a new lens.

In the end, my CAS experience, while many things was an activity experience with all the walking and exercise we did on that trip.

Dates: (June 11-June 28)

CAS Experience Log:



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